Business Constellations

Make an outstanding decision by looking at usual things from unusual perspective.

We evaluate the parts of a business system in relation to the whole, discover roots of conflicts/dysfunctions, reveal systemic resources that allow shift to happen and/or decisions to make.

Often a rational analysis can provide you with pieces of the problem, but never the whole picture.

Business constellations can give you the missing link:

  • If there is not enough data available for making an important decision
  • If the thoughts, desires or emotions of the business system participants (partners, customers, shareholders and/or employees) are not clearly aligned in relation to you, your situation or proposal.
  • If you have to make an important choice/decision and there is not any opportunity to experiment due to time, financial, and other limitations
  • If you believe that there are some violations/disorder within the business system and there is a need to restore its balance
  • If you feel that there is a general uncertainty in your business, lack of growth and/or success and you are not able to determine why

Organizations can use Systemic/Business Constellations techniques that developed in Europe and seldom used in the USA to focus on restructuring, conflict resolution, team motivation, decision making, strategy, organizational restructuring, and other issues.

Achieve profound results with our 1-3 day experiential workshops – in your very own office.


  • business owners
  • top-managers
  • employees


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